Roku TV Channel Development

Hi, welcome and thank you for stopping by.


If you landed on our page, it means that you already know why and how a Roku TV channel can benefit your business, personal life or your organization.
We decided to make a very simple and informative page, with all the info you need to know us, our work, and how can we help.
So we will skip all the fancy images and videos, all the fancy graphs showing you why and how video content is king around the world, or fancy stats showing you where Roku is at in the TV market … you already know all this or … you can find out a lot about all this with a simple Google search.


Lets talk about us.

We are a group of freelancers, located around the world, united with the purpose of helping as many people / business / organizations … as we can, to start, develop and maintain a TV Channel ( or more) on Roku.
Up until recently owning a TV channel was a “thing” only for “the big boys” those how could afford the big prices. Thanks to recent updates in the Roku system things are now different, the technology used to develop these channels is more accessible so we decided to help those “little guys” how want or deserve to be on television.



How and when can we help?

We can help you develop and maintain your own channel or channels.
Starting with your Roku account, selecting the best channel name, setting up the account, developing the TV Feed with your programs / videos, growing the subscriber base, and of course with the mandatory maintenance required.
The whole process can take somewhere from 7days up to 2 – 3weeks,, depending on our workload and on how fast Roku will approve the channel to go public.


Let’s talk prices.

As I said before we are located around the world so we don’t pay US rent prices for example, so we made our price list with a single purpose in mind – be accessible to everyone.
So our price list start with the minimum of 300 $ for the channel development and the smallest possible monthly maintenance fee of 9.99 $ / month.
The price for channel development is based on the number of videos / programs you want to start your channel, and the price for the monthly maintenance is based on your channel load / subscriber and views.
There are additional costs for adding new videos, making the necessary graphics, so on …. But I can assure you those are also the smallest possible on the market at this time.


Why the monthly maintenance fee? And why different prices?

Al the content you will have on your Roku channel is “served” using a feed, that feed and content needs to be “hosted” ,, it needs a “space”. That “space” has a monthly cost.
It is like having a website where you pay a monthly hosting fee that can be smaller or bigger depending on the number of visitors you have. It is the same here. More subscribers you have on your channel, more views you get, more resources are used so …. There is the reason for the different price ranges.
And this is just one of the components, there are other technical aspects but I think you already understand why.


How to Start?

Easy click the blue chat box in the right-lower corner of the page and … let’s chat, see what you need and if or how can we help. It is that easy. (If by unusual circumstances one of us is not online just leave us a message with a couple of words and a contact detail – Skype, Facebook would be the best options – you all know how emails are …)


Before ending this page let’s talk about FREE.

We all know how good it is to receive gifts, also we all know that there are a lot of charities, Non-profit organization, NGO’s, young artists, so on, who need help from time to time.
So we decided to help 5 of them every month offering our time, work and knowledge for free. We well “delete” the development costs and from the monthly maintenance fee we will charge only the part that we need to pay for “hosting” or the any third party is involved in the process. So it’s not actually 100% free but it is almost.

I think that this is all you need to know to start.
If you have any questions please use the little blue Live Chat Box and let’s see how can we help out.


Thank you again for your time.
Aaron & “the team”