FREE Roku TV Channel Development Course – 1 on 1 coaching

If you are interested in learning how to develop TV Channels that you can publish on the Roku Platform ,  for yourself or as a business ,  please schedule an interview using the Live Chat form this website.


(We provide Individual – Live Skype Coaching for every student enrolled in our class. And no it will not cost and arm and a leg  – more like a pizza)

If you are a fast learner you can learn all that is to know in 5 – 1 hours Live Skype Calls .


A short topic breakdown :

Call nr 1 – Understanding  Roku & tools we need

Calls nr 2 – 3 – 4  How to Develop a Roku TV Channel ( account set up , optimization , TV feed set up , monetization )

Call nr 5 – Branding – Marketing – New Clients – Extra services

Of course if needed we will schedule more calls.


Almost forget about the price … It can be FREE or it can cost from 20 -50 $ / Live hour Skype Call.


Schedule an interview and start your Developer Journey … use the Live Chat … the little Blue Bubble in the right bottom corner of the page.