FREE Roku TV Channel Development For Non Profit Organizations


We all know how good it is to receive gifts. We also all know that there are a lot of charities, such non-profit organizations, NGOs, young artists, and so on, who need help from time to time.

So, we decided to help five of them every month by offering our time, work, and knowledge for free. We will “waive” the development costs, and as for the monthly maintenance fee, we will only charge the hard costs, such as the “hosting” fee and any other third-party fee that is involved in the process. (For a starter channel, it should be around only$9.99/month!)

Basically, it’s almost 100% free!

To apply for this program, please use the Live Chat Box and tell us who you are and what you do, and let’s see when we can start working on your own Roku TV Channel.

That’s all you need to know in order to begin. Pretty simple huh?

If you have any questions, please send us a message by using the Live Chat Box, and we’ll see how we can help you!